Saturday, 15 January 2011

After a lovely Christmas with our little family here in England, we take down the tree.

Jude gently taking a bauble off.
Polly watching us work.
James, Jude, and Polly removing the tinsel.
Megan taking off the lovely plastic star. :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

My monster

Jude as a monster at his friends birthday party!

Quotes this week:

Mom: jude, what are you?
Jude: I'm a Muffin Child
Mom: What is Daddy?
Jude : Big and Strong
Mom: What is Mommy?
Jude: A Princess
Mom: What is Polly?
Jude: She's a Pocket (polly pocket)

At the end of reading a book Jude says, "It's amen'd mommy".

Polly is 1!

It was Polly's Birthday on December 24th. She is officially one. She can say mama, dada, all done, and Jude. She LOVES attention and people. She does wear quite a bit of pink. She enjoys mobile phones, Playstation controllers, tv remotes, cars, and books. She is her Father's daughter. :)

We enjoyed monkey faces for lunch
Polly dancing to music with her birthday wings and wand.
Oh that is her little pretend cell phone she got as well. (from the pound store)
Polly Fairy looking for Jude
Jude and Polly investigating a shape shorter
(Jude wears an eyepatch for a few hours a day to exercise his lazy eye)
Jude and Polly enjoy playing in the loo. I don't know why!?

Sunday, 5 September 2010


I had a lovely trip to the USA recently and now I am back amongst my fellow British Subjects. I had a great time seeing my family, going to Education Week, a family reunion in Hawaii, etc. I have decided to set a goal to actually update my blog once a week, each Sunday. Hopefully this lasts longer than a week. we'll see.
We decided to take a lovely stroll on Saturday to reunite the family and just enjoy the "general splendor" that is England. Oh and I did get my hair cut. :) Will upload photos later as they aren't working at the mo.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Jude Swimming

After one week of swimming lessons, Jude is ready for Hawaii!! Hooray. See you in two weeks all tanned and smiling.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

James is 30 today!!!

Happy Birthday my love! I hope your next ten years are as good as the last!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Doing a bit of service

Our friends needed a wall knocked down and a bit of gardening.
Jude and James picking at the rubble

James wielding the whellbarrow while Jude offers emotional support.

Jude's got a hammer!!! Watch your toes. (He is wearing his Wellies)
(That's british for rain boots)

Polly in a Bumbo on the oven.
(Where else would you put a baby in a bumbo?)

We Are The Greaves